Wait, So You Can’t Eat Pizza?

Up until the age of 26, I cannot remember a time when I felt 100% healthy. There was always something going on in my stomach and it got worse after eating, especially after eating out at a restaurant. By the time I headed off to college I actually got used to feeling this way and it became a “normal” feeling for me. I didn’t pay it any mind and it didn’t bother me in the slightest.

Like most college students, I was incredibly unhealthy in college. I lived off of the dining hall food, pizza delivery, and frozen chicken nuggets. After college I started paying more attention to what I was eating. I started incorporating more whole foods and removing the processed foods. Regardless of how healthy I was, or how much I worked out, I still felt horrible. A friend of mine suggested I look into a vegan diet. I decided to give it a try. Vegan isn’t a diet you should jump into blindly so I picked up a book (Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr) and started learning ways I could thrive off of a plant based diet. This book was full of “aha moments” for me. My biggest take-away was that I realized that there is literally no reason why I, or anyone else for that matter,  should feel anything short of amazing. 

I started going crazy on restrictions in my diet. Nothing worked long term. Then I started going to doctors, explaining my symptoms and asking for advice. No one seemed to know and I don’t blame them because my symptoms were run-of-the-mill digestion issues. Regardless, I remained relentless in my pursuit to figure out what in my diet was hurting me.

Then I hit a point where I was just falling apart.

My stomach was constantly in pain,
I was so bloated I honestly looked pregnant and not like “maybe she is, maybe she isn’t” – straight up pregnant,
I had no control over my weight,
My skin was breaking out,
I had zero energy,
I am typically a fairly mellow person but I was SO moody,
My brain fog was causing me to forget what I was saying mid sentence,
and my joints hurt.

I found a Naturopathic Doctor in San Diego. She listened intently and ran a few tests on what she thought it could be. I came back a few weeks later and she said “sweetie, you have celiac disease”.

I’m not going to lie, I was pissed.

In fact, there was this one incident, after a long day of traveling from New York to California.

I had just gotten home and crawled into my bed. I was starving because I couldn’t eat in the airport or on the plane. I mean, how hard is it to throw some GF options on a 6 hour flight?


I was also feeling extra lazy so I decided to treat myself to Chipotle delivery (great GF options by the way). I could barely keep my eyes open as I ordered my delicious gluten free burrito bowl. It took an hour and a half to arrive at my door, much longer than the usual delivery time. I was already cranky because, well, I was Hangry AF. Also, because I just wanted to go to bed and this was keeping me up.

FINALLY the food arrived. I ran out of bed to get the door, grabbed my food, and sat down at the table to eat my “Mexican” feast.

That’s when I realized… they messed up and gave me a burrito. A delicious, gluten-filled, burrito.

And then I cried. Yep, I cried over a freaking burrito [insert tears-of-joy emoji].

Fast forward to present day…

I am two years into this gluten free journey of mine and I must say I feel incredible. I still have bad days here and there, but nothing compared to how I used to feel.

And no, I don’t cry over burritos anymore. In fact, I don’t even care anymore. There are so many delicious GF options out there, I rarely feel deprived.

I am telling you my story because I want you to realize that you deserve to feel your absolute best. I am not suggesting everyone is celiac, or gluten intolerant for that matter. I just want you to be relentless in your pursuit to feel incredible.

As always, I am here for you! I want to hear all about your wellness journey and I am more than happy to answer questions about anything at all.

Leave your comments below or reach out to me directly!

Love & light,


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